With the price of 7 million, should we choose Galaxy J8 or iPhone 6 Plus?

One is a popular mid range smartphone, other is a succesful iPhone for a time, it’s hard for users to choose in the price range of 7 million.


It will be somewhat a joke when compare Samsung Galaxy J8 with iPhone 6 Plus from Apple. Because product of Apple was launched 3 years ago, the aesthetic has certainly no longer true to modern standard. However, when holding both of these smartphones on hand, users will find that they are very delicate and exudes elegance.

While the Galaxy J8 2018 updated the latest standard design: ultra-thin screen border, new screen aspect ratio – 18,5:9, the iPhone 6 Plus remains the same old style with traditional home key, thick screen border, traditional screen aspect ratio of 16:9. However, the most noticeable differences in the looks between the two smartphone is the layer of the protective shell. While iPhone 6 Plus uses luxurious aluminum shell, the Galaxy J8 use only Polycarbonate shell.

Considering experience, users will certainly feel comfortable with 6 inch screen of the Galaxy J8 over because the screen of the iPhone 6 Plus that just stop at the size of 5.5 inches. The larger screen will have many advantages: convenient use of the multitasking advantages, watch movies and play games “cooler”, faster document reading. In return, the smaller screen also make one-handed usage easier.

The other pros of the new mid range smartphone is the new surrounded sound technology Dolby Atmos, making the sound truer and qualitier. This is something that product of Apple has not yet owned.

Software and feature

Due to being launched later, Galaxy J8 pre-installed with latest Android version 8.0 Oreo. Thus, the user interface also becomes more intuitive and scientific than ever before. That’s not to mention the smartphone will also have 2 layer security: fingerprint scanning and facial recognition to help users protect their data more secure.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6 Plus has only the fingerprint sensor in the Home key. However, there is a high sensitivity, but will also have a number of disadvantages when users are wearing gloves or can’t use their hand. In return, the majority of iPhone has been updated to the iOS 11 operating system, in which the iPhone 6 Plus should experience it’s not too bad.


About performance, we can say the strength of Galaxy J8 is slightly larger than the iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung devices equipped with the Snapdragon 450 chip with the speed of 1.8 GHz while the “opponents” of its only has the A8 chip speed of 1.5 GHz. The strong point of the Galaxy J8 is the bigger storage :3GB RAM; 32GB ROM, almost doubling the iPhone version 6 Plus with the same price at 1 GB RAM; 16 GB ROM.

Furthermore, the iPhone also does not allow users to expand storage via memory card while Galaxy J8 support expansion capacity up to 256 GB. Obviously, this is a big advantage for those who frequently play game or need large memory capacity!


Updates on the latest trends, now dual rear camera has spread to the mid-range devices, which include Samsung Galaxy J8. This manufacturer favor integration for their device cluster with dual camera including: a 16MP sensor (aperture f/1.7) and a 5MP sensor (aperture f/1.9), allowing for portrait photography defocusing impressively. Not only that, even above 16MP selfie camera, users can also edit their images and attach funny AR animations to their liking.

Unfortunately, this is what iPhone 6 Plus is missing. The iPhone is only the front and rear cameras with low resolution, which is 1.2 MP and 8MP respectively, only the ability to focus for quick, simple and not have unique functions.


Again, the advantage back to leaning towards new product of Korean manufacturer. Samsung integrated their device with battery capacity of 3500 mAh. When performace is managed by its chip, the duration can last all day long. While the iPhone 6 Plus only has battery capacity of 2915 mAh, but it should be remembered that with software optimized sure the battery of the iPhone 6 Plus so that it’s not inferior when compared with competitors.


In the domestic market, Galaxy J8 price 7,29 million. With what this Android smartphone offered, only true believers loyal to Apple can reject the appeal of that device to select iPhone 6 Plus with more than 3 years old with the same price.

According to Dan Viet.