Why does iPhone have better sound quality than Android?

If you’ve ever used both iPhone and Android, you can see that iPhone often has better quality of sound and higher volume than Android, especially when heard through headphones. But why is that? In summary, all belong to the DAC – Digital to Analog Converter. This mini sound adapter decides how good your sound quality are. Sure headphones play a role in the game, but even if you have the best headphones on the planet, the quality of sound is still affected by the DAC. And that is where iOS is different from most Android phones. The majority of Android phones relied on the DAC integrated in the chip process, is often a member of the Snapdragon line, simply not great. But Apple designed the DAC of his own and aimed towards the iPhone. More importantly, it means a lot when the iPhone was released after the iPod – a device that was specifically developed for sound. That is another reason why the DAC of Apple is a lot better than most Android smartphones. They have done this in a long time. Currently on the market, there are some Android phones equipped DAC designed specifically for it, such as phone from LG V lines. For example, LG V30 has Quad DAC 32 bit – a big improvement compared to the integration of DAC in Snapdragon processing chip. The result is LG V30 has better sound what you can get in a phone today, even better than the iPhone. However, the phone does not have dedicated headset jack. While the product has the DAC integrated into the motherboard in the phone but the primary of DAC for converting real audio actually is a part of the adapter Lightning to 3.5 mm. Even the adapters replace with DAC and amplifier to be improved if you want to improve sound quality even more. Although it can support DAC but it is still a solution leads to inferior audio quality for Android phone. While you can buy a Lightning DAC with a relatively low cost, most of the DAC full costs a little more – more than 200 USD (4,58 million) – a pretty thing to waste. Last but not least if you get the quality best sound possible from your phone. That is the reason why most of the premium audiophile system comes with the use of the DAC of the third party as a part of a very specific set. But if you don’t want to spend more money, you can consider the next generation products. According to Dan Viet