Where do I start my food storage?

My first step is to make sure your emergency supply is not expired or about to expire. No one here had a basement so food storage needs top be in a

area… more than just your pantry or kitchen cupboards. I take things out of my food storage area and then bring it into the kitchen. But I always pull out my storage sheet and deduct what I moved so I can have a running total.

Next, the nice thing about starting now, when there is no natural disaster or emergency happening, is that you get to be picky. For your food storage, figure out what your family eats. We don’t eat a lot of peanut butter and I never cook with it so our year-supply of p.b. is 6 regular size jars, when the

amount for us is 8. So just stock up on what you know they will eat.

BUDGET! –When things go on sale, and it is the cheapest I have seen, I try to get my year-supply. Lucky for us, we are able financially to so by cutting back on other things that month. And by continually using that supply that I store, nothing expires and I also get used to cooking with it. This saves me a lot of money because I never have to buy the items at regular price or even a sale price that is not that great. Ex- In UT, the 2lbs bags of all the various sugars went on sale for .88. So I bought my year supply of brown and powdered sugar all at once.

Water- the single most important item to have. The deciding factor between life or death really. It is really hard to get a year supply of because of evaporation and some other factors, but a two-week supply is a must. I just stock up on bottled water when it goes to $2.77-$2.88. You can also store it in empty pop bottles. 14 gallons is needed per person for drinking. A good way to store water for washing and other things like that is in the big drums.

Here is a list of staples to always keep on hand. Just pick them up when they are on sale. I am going to be highlighting an item each week to stock up on. This week, it is water to stock up. You have to think in BIG terms-Think “YEAR-SUPPLY”.


Flour-will keep for 30+yrs

Wheat-this is hard to do w/o a wheat grinder. But hard wheat will keep for 20-30 years





Dry Milk- 30+yrs

beans-canned and hard

Rice-30 +

Peanut Butter-good source of protein

Fruit-canned and dry

Canned Veggies

Baking items- baking powder and soda, oats, cornstarch, cornmeal, jello and gelatin, honey, mayo, oil, cooking spray, etc…

Remember, aim for a three month of all items and stock up when they are on sale.

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