What strange about this unique Smartphone from North Korea?

After launching in North Korea, the smartphone APhone 9X will be available globally. According to the official Twitter of Apex, APhone 9X is currently the best smartphone in the line of APhone. Devices run A-OS, the operating system that they was proud to brag that the operating system the fastest that they’ve ever experienced. Further, Apex do not hesitate to declare chip Kaesong on APhone chip is fastest mobile that the company ever produced. Apex has started to send the smartphone to the media worldwide for them to review. Even the reporter of PlayBoy also received a APhone 9X. Unboxing the device, we have charger, manual and three-pronged electric plug. Devices run Android 5.1 and have 5.6 inch screen. This product has many colors including blue, white, red, yellow and blue. However, the interesting thing doesn’t lie in the smartphone. The introduction video is located in the phone is the worth mentioning thing. This Video summarizes the entire 50 year history of development of Apex. Everything starts from “Apex I”, a computer whose name and design similar to the Apple I computer, the first Apple the only difference is it is made in Korea rather than in America. Even the advertising computer Apex I also copy the ads of the Apple I. Next is the appearance of the computer Apex II and smartphone APhone (sounds like the iPhone case) and A-Pad. Smartphone from North Korea Apex’s video explains all of the world’s events from the Korean War in 1953 to the present, in 2029 (apparently the smartphone does not know that this year is 2016). In particular, Apex claims that North Korea is the birthplace of the Internet, not America. The future, according to Apex, will become a global superpower, with the United States as the dominant power. Video, Apex show off the slogan monopoly personality of the company: Our past, your future. A trick ad? When read closely, we discovered Apex is actually a game developer with Homefront: The Revolution, a FPS video game they were developed in many years. After much delay, modify, Apex has decided and launches this game in the next May. The plot of Revolution reflected completely fictional, which in the future, North Korea invading America. The question here is if Apex intend to business APhone 9X in a serious way, or just use this smartphone to advertise for game that this company is about to launch? There has been no answer. But if so then this is the method of advertising most impressive we’ve ever seen. In today’s era, the game companies have numerous ways of marketing products. The best is to send a press release also states the strangest is to send a smartphone with video ads like what did Apex do. Let us wait and see if APhone 9X can be distributed globally and as badass as what Apex claims or not. If APhone 9X can’t replace the iPhone or any other smartphone you are just going to use it to play Homefront: The Revolution. According To Genk.