Warning iPhone can automatically change into year 1970 and turned into the brick without you know.

1/1/1970 Error makes iOS devices become the brick came back and now more dangerous, because your device can automatically adjust the date when you don’t know. Not long ago, the network community was shocked when the error that iPhone set the date to 1/1/1970 appears cause the machine become “hanged” and can’t restore the initial date and time. This is a quite dangerous bug because it can turn your iPhone into a brick, device reboot also does not help if you can’t reset the time. However, unless you adjust the time return to the date 1/1/1970, there won’t be anything ominous going on. Arstechnica state that there won’t be anyone have spare time to adjust the date and time of their iPhone to the time of the previous 48 years. But recently, security experts discovered a dangerous threat. Users need not manually adjust date, that their device can self-adjust according to the evil intentions of someone to return to the date 1/1/1970. If their device hasn’t been updated to iOS 9.3.1, this error 1970 can turn your device into brick. The main danger is the threat this can cause error 1970 without the intervention of users. All of it need is a device that connects to a WiFi network of unknown origin. The security expert Patrick Kelley and Matt Harrigan discovered that they can exploit bugs 1970, and destroy iOS devices remotely with only one device with a price of 120 USD, a little understanding about the WiFi network. With these things, they can create a trap. There is a WiFi network of unknown origin, that when there is a iOS device to access it will automatically be adjusted back dates back to 1/1/1970 and cause “hanging Apples”, turn the device into a brick. Time of death Patrick Kelley and Matt Harrigan know that the iPhone or other iOS device constantly check the “network time protocol” NTP server globally via the internet, to synchronize the date and time inside the device. This is the flaw that security experts can take advantage, to create a WiFi network pitfalls. When connected to a WiFi network, the Apple device will download update time and date from NTP server which they had themselves created. However, the iOS device does not know that is time synchronized with the moment can lead to death, date of 1/1/1970. The device then automatically reboots and hangs at the apple logo. To date, error 1970 still have no precise explanation. One theory is that, the app on the iPhone is configured to use a security certificate to encrypt data on the device. But encryption certificate, this will stop working if the system time is set approximately 1 year before the release date of the certificate. In a much more understandable way, it’s like you have an university degree and start a job at a private company. As if time, in some way, is set about before you get a university degree, the current work of you also can not continue, and the entire device to stop functioning. Setting trap with Wifi According to two security experts, creating such a trap is quite simple. All what you need is a Raspberry Pi computer and some custom software. Harrigan is president and CEO of security firm PacketSled said: “By forging Time.apple.com, we can reset the duration of all the Apple devices connected to our WiFi network. In the experiment, all the equipment has to automatically change the date without any requirements whatsoever”. He added the exploitation of this vulnerability on the iPhone harder iPad a little bit. Because the iPhone updates the time via the GSM network, the network communication standard used to transmit signals to mobile. Not only WiFi, the trap can be installed in GSM cellular network However, even the GSM network can also be used to distribute bug 1970 for the iPhone and turn them into brick. That sound really scary, because you do not need WiFi connection of unknown origin that your iPhone can still be turned into brick. This study is made along with Brandon Creighton, a software architect at a technology company Veracode. Creighton is known for setting up mobile network NinjaTel GSM , which has been introduced at security conference DefCon in 2012. This is a GSM network independent, that people create can set depending on his discretion. It is based on technology, OpenBTS and can be installed at the access point GSM. Two experts Kelley and Harrigan said an attacker can create a GSM network own and makes the device uses the GSM network, this change automatically set the date. Mr. Creighton said theoretically quite possible to do so, but he has never tested due to ethical reasons. What users of iPhone and iPad need to do? This is a real danger, although the attackers do not get any benefits from the turn your iPhone into a brick, however, there still a possibility of vandals want to do it. Therefore, on the advice of security experts and Apple, users should update to the latest iOS version 9.3.1. By this version, Apple fixed error 1970, that means even if your device has been set time and date to 1/1/1970 nothing will happen. Besides, to ensure safety before the WiFi network of unknown origin, you should also turn on the setting “ask to join networks”. This is set up will help prevent your device automatically connect to WiFi networks previously saved. Although this set may make you uncomfortable because every time the WiFi connection it will show up a message board for licensing. According To Genk.