Touch of social media with SEO can do magic

If you go for down stream generalization of social media you will come across Web 2.0 i.e. what it is commonly referred to as these days. The underlying truth is that internet has always been a social media right from the beginning since its creation. It was build to share real time and space despite geo-physical bondages.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a medium that works on the core principles of community where people can interact with each other over real time and space. Some of the popular Social Media are:-


Chat Rooms

Blogs that allow counter communicative channel via blog commenting

Social Networking Sites (Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc.)

What is Social Media Marketing?
Social Media is the back bone of Social Media Marketing or what it is abbreviated as SMM is a way to reach out to targeted group of people by actively participating in relevant communities and conversations. People tend do business with some one who can be trust worthy and with some one whom they like, so if they like you they will purchase from you and recommend you or products that you offer to others. In nutshell the main idea behind SMM is to know people on line and create a network that goose far beyond virtual or cyber world.

How Social Media Marketing works with Search Engine Optimization
SMM is some what opposite to SEO because rather than people finding you through search engines you go out and find appropriate people via social media channels. Now a days many web marketers believe that they can promote there website only via SMM without using conventional SEO tactics, this is a wrong practice as both SEO and SMM are different things. SMM is not a substitute to your SEO campaign. SMM can enhance your websites promotion being a part of SEO campaign. The role of SMM is confined to definite set of boundaries is SEO:-

SMM In most cases will not provide you direct links as in case of link building, apart from this most of the social media links are categorized with No Do Follow attributes, that means they are not counted by search engines especially in case of Google.

SMM can generate a large volume of traffic to your websites and that’s the prime role of SMM in SEO.

Creation of link worthy content can also help in gaining links directly.

SMM can be used as brand monitor as well as brand creator. Its really important for one to view what people have to say about them, are there views positive or negative on the basis of what large volume of masses believe about your brand you can plan your steps accordingly.

People by knowingly or unknowingly are always part of Social media. A Social Media Marketing campaign can turn out in to huge success if it’s well researched. Web is full of resources your Job is only to exploit those resources and manage them properly.

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