Facebook Reveals New Website Design

Social Networking website Facebook showcased their new design this week after months of creation. Users were able to view the new changes over the course of several months and send messages to the creators. The new design, released on Sunday, was created to be more compatible with micro-blogging with an addition of snippets of text, […]

The Importance of Keyword Research

If you don’t care about traffic to your site then stop reading this right now. On the other hand, if you want oodles of traffic from untapped niches, then you need to discover the power of proper and thorough keyword research. Failure to carry out proper keyword research is probably one of the biggest mistakes […]

Free Printable Calendar

It is not easy in this day and age to stay organized with all the meetings, appointments, family commitments and social gatherings we all have, but a free printable monthly calendar may make your life a whole lot easier. I do my best to keep myself and my family on track by looking daily and […]