Padfone From ASUS – Tablet Or Smart Phone

Credit : ASUS Asus has presented a device tandem during the Computex convention yesterday in Taiwan, a tandem that might get Apple to slap it with a lawsuit. However, the physical similarities between the devices of the two companies aside, many are actually liking the idea of Asus’ Padfone 4.3″ smart phone and 10.1″ tablet. The whole concept of merging the two together in this manner is unique. There is much to the idea, though the details of actually how things would together is not being supplied.

Some are saying that it makes sense to build a partnership between a tablet and a smart phone, seeing that their interfaces are virtually similar, and that if Asus is able to create synergy between the two and how they would operate, it would be a win for the company. Still in its uncompleted prototype stages and still basically an idea that they want to put a patent on, Asus created a typical smart phone that could do virtually anything, and gave it a tablet shell that works basically as a larger screen for the phone. It is this certain quality of it that calls for a comparison to the Motorola Atrix 4G and the Blackberry Bridge, devices that bring together slates and phones.

The current ideas for the duo would be that the Padfone smart phone would act as the mind of the tablet, fitting into a covered back slot. The slot also presents other docking opportunities that may arise in the future, allowing other devices access to the tablet. It’s battery appears to be also shared, as the tablet would recharge the phone should it remain docked, allowing for a fully charged-battery for the phone when it is unplugged. Switching from the phone to the tablet, as demonstrated, is supposed to be seamless, as when deeming something too small to see on the phone, the user can hook it up without any interference. Data plans and the SIM card are deemed also to be shared, some phone features like video calling to be also seen during tablet mode.

It seems that earlier questions about working together still have not been answered and it seems that it may well be that the tablet does not stand alone. Videos of the combination seem to show the tablet is dependent on the smart phone and if true, would be a disappointment in what is being offered. The idea of a standalone tablet and a standalone smart phone being merged at times for shared memory, wireless connection, apps, is an intriguing idea that has merit in the market today. All of this is in the development stages trying to see what is possible and may never come to market.

Despite these all, Asus has not released any specifications of the Padfone, nor pricing, nor availability. One thing is sure though, as by the time it will be finally released, it will be running on the latest version of Android, presumably the Ice Cream Sandwich.

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