Own every background wallpapers of devices from Microsoft with WallpaperHub easily

Beautiful default background image collection of devices from Microsoft.

Have you ever wondered how Microsoft devices like Surface, Xbox, … will have the default set of wallpaper or not? In fact, for each device, Microsoft will be equipped with different default wallpaper sets, and most of them are completely different.

However, in case you want to learn and use background images of devices from Microsoft, WallpaperHub will help you.

WallpaperHub (https://wallpaperhub.app/) was created by Michael Gillet, a Microsoft MVP (the most valuable developer for outstanding programmers granted by Microsoft). This is a web service that provides original background images used by Microsoft to present in its product presentation conferences, with background images with relevant content collected by the author.

With Collections option, you will be provided with a list of background collections with many different topics but all related to Microsoft products, and most of them are about Windows.

When clicking on a photo gallery, you will be transferred to the photo information interface, followed by the download link of the photo. All things are clearly presented with proper image resolution, equipment,…

All photos downloaded from WallpaperHub are quite high quality, suitable for you to use according to your purpose such as making wallpaper, printing,…

With the device’s default background image selection, you will also have options to download images in a very detailed resolution. If you don’t like downloading each image, you can download the whole set by clicking the Download option.

You can say WallpaperHub as the default background images reposity of the device from Microsoft is very good, you will not met with difficulty when try to get the background images of Surface Hub 2.