I Am Going To Vegas But What Am I Expecting?

I am writing this post on the morning before I head off to Vegas, I am not formulating this post to help with SEO or keyword density, but I am writing this post in an effort to help clear not only my mental real-estate but also possibly yours.

It is 10:36 am on Wednesday and while my wife would want me packing for the trip and many other wives would probably agree with her, I have an internal feeling that I need to really share. My wife and I are leaving for Vegas in 8 hours and my mind is filtering through what I should expect while in Vegas, and before many of you say “gambling, shows, food and great times”, we are there for a conference and a mini vacation (and shows, food and great times with great friends).

As many of you know I have been involved with internet marketing since January 2010 and went full time after leaving Sears as a store manager in late June, and enjoy working from home every single day. I jumped into this industry a little “cocky” thinking I could “reinvent” this industry since I was a “store manager” and was in control of roughly 150 people and a multimillion dollar store and had been with them 15 years. Well as many of you know me very well; as we have built great relationships over the last year, it hasn’t been the walk in the park as I thought it would be. What many people relate success to is money, which there are so many different things to relate success to; while the money is great in this industry I have been blessed in so many more ways than just the money. I have had great success in my business not only on a professional level but also personal, success that I contribute to not only my friends and wife that has supported me through the highest points of my success but also the challenges that showed their dark side.

I thought from the beginning that I could work from home behind this laptop and build my mini empire with a few clicks of the mouse a day and not really have to talk to many people. All through school and most of my life I have been the ideal Cancer and somewhat quite and kept to myself and only having a few close friends (not a social butterfly by any means). As I went into retail 20+ years ago, I started breaking more and more out of my shell and sharing myself with the world and started making more and more friends. I found that the more I talked with more and more people and learned from them I started to attract other people with many friends all over the world. As a manager I was giving presentations to groups of people ranging from 5-6 to hundreds at a time, each time being able to connect with different people on different levels.

Now you may be wondering what this really has to do with Vegas and why I am going there; which is actually quite simple. My biggest ah-ha moments that I have had in the days from starting my own internet business is very simple:


and actually meet people that have the same goals and desires that you do, and while I love the power of the internet; there is nothing more powerful than having a handshake and looking someone in the eye and connecting with them. I have met some of the most caring and helpful people online and many of us are meeting in Vegas this week to pull many thoughts, ideas and strategies together which helps all of us move forward. We look for ways that we can help one another move forward, by lending a hand wherever we can.I know since the last event I went to in Boca Raton, my friends and relationships in this industry have just exploded and I look forward to meeting them; some for the first time, some again and again.

Have a daily goal to talk to people and have a meaning conversation with the same people that have the same goals and aspirations that you do for your future, and help these people around you in any way possible to allow them to obtain their goals faster. This could include having a heart to heart with someone that feels that they are a little down, struggling with setting up a site, understanding SEO or really anything. You have to give more than you are willing to expect, the most successful people are the ones that give and expect nothing in return, learn to master this and you will attract more people leading to great success.

I am not going to Vegas expecting to hear about the “latest and greatest” tool or idea to make a million bucks, nor how you should be using a certain tool to make a million. I am going to Vegas for two main reasons and these are my two expectations:

To take my wife to a city that she has never visited, for us to take great pictures, have great video footage, watch a show or two, eat some great food, and enjoy our alone time together, building and strengthening our relationship and making memories that we can reminisce years later about.

To participate in the event on Saturday and strengthen my relationship with my team, my friends and look for ways that I can help as many other people obtain what they are looking for in their business. Ask them questions on what they feel they are struggling with and offer solutions and ideas to overcome their opportunities.

My point is a very simple one; internet marketing, mlm, direct sales, network marketing or really any type of business you are in or whatever you do, relationship building is the crucial pivoting point in your business. Getting out and having honest conversations with people, face to face is something that we have slowly replaced with the internet but is crucial in your life and business. If you are involved in any company or affiliate program that offers a event, I would strongly recommend going and connecting with people on this level.

I would recommend not expecting “silver bullet” techniques and tools at the events but expect to meet people that have your same desires and passions and relate with them and see how you can help one another. You never know where your friendship could take you; look to make friends and offer to help anyone needing it and you will have found the true key to success.


I know this may ruffle a few people’s feathers in the industry but I am a realist and am looking out for your best interest when I say this. While at an event you are going to be pitched on different products or

Services and while I can say that many of them are great products or services, you need to remember the main reason you are at an event and it is not to buy products or services. With saying that I suggest listening for the value on the product or service and make a decision within minutes on whether you are going to invest in that product or service. Do not make the mistake of spending an hour debating with yourself or your spouse and lose the precious time of meeting new people and build a relationship ( the main reason you are there), the products will be available later; maybe a bit more expensive but can you put a cost on a friendship that could last years?

Your friend and mentor,

Robert David Strong

P.P.S. Please share any experiences you have had at events where you meet new people and mastermind with people that have the same goals and aspirations out of life as you do.

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