Highly Reliable Green Hosting for Your Website

You’re too naïve thinking that global climate change is nothing but a propaganda. The scientific community has been advocating that we are in the blink of environment disaster. It is important to take part in saving the environment. Energy is undeniably one big culprit of climate change. We are so greedy to use energy and unfortunately, the energy we use mostly generated using fossil fuel and it leaves huge carbon footprint, one big reason why climate change is happening. It is time to take the initiative and gives more to the environment.

As mentioned above, the energy sources cause bad impact to the environment. Don’t hesitate to take a radical move by turning to environmental friendly energy generated from sustainable resources. Not only for your home energy supply but for many aspects of your life and yes, that’s including the web hosting solution. It won’t be difficult to see that for web hosting, energy is crucial and actually those servers and data centers are using a lot of energy. You will be surprised to find out how many carbon footprints your website left just from the energy used in hosting. It must be changed for the sake of environmental sustainability and also for your peace of mind.

It’s time to go green and that is including choosing green hosting. What is green hosting? It is a lose term to describe web hosting provider with commitment to environmental sustainability. Practically, this type of web hosting provider uses energy from renewable energy sources. More than that, the hosting provider is also committed to minimize carbon footprints. One of the leading green hosting provider is GreenGeeks. Established in 2008 in Los Angeles, this company is proud to become an environmentally responsible web hosting provider since the very beginning. This company is able to prove that energy consuming industry like web hosting can be green too.

What makes GreenGeeks the leader in green hosting industry? This company guarantees to give you the cleanest hosting around. It is focusing on wind energy source and more than just able to cover entire energy supplies from wind, this company is able to putt back three times of energy spent into the grid. That means three times greener than what other green web hosting providers can do. With the increasing trend of green lifestyle and the facts there are incentives for business entities to use renewable energy, GreenGreeks with its green hosting seems like an ideal option.

But GreenGeeks is more than just offering peace of mind for taking part in environmental sustainability. It is also a very capable web hosting provider. It offers hosting package with superior technical specs and many features. Using this hosting you can get unlimited space with free domain and free email. It also offers free marketing features for websites using its hosting. You can choose from varieties of hosting plans suitable for your needs and budget. With 30 days moneyback guarantee. GreenGeeks also guarantees 24/7 technical supports to all hosted websites. It’s more than just green!

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