Hackers hold a US city hostage and demand ransom with Bitcoin

Hackers attacked Baltimore (Maryland, USA), frozen thousands of computers, turned off email … and demand ransom.

According to the New York Times, on May 7, the city of Baltimore was attacked by hackers. Accordingly, hackers freeze thousands of computers, disable email, access people’s transactions including selling real estate, water bills, health … The important files of the city have been encode.

Hackers ask the city to pay about 100,000USD with Bitcoin. “We have been watching for days. We will not talk much. All we need is money! Hurry up!”, The content of the hacker message.

However, city officials decided to refuse to pay the hacker’s request. The city’s IT department is working to overcome people’s access to affected systems and fix vulnerabilities in software security.

The Baltimore city government has not released information about the individual or group of hackers behind the attack. However, they identified the attack software name as EternalBlue.

Previously, EternalBlue was used in some other major attacks. Hackers behind Wannacry malicious code (May 2017) used this tool to target banks, airports … of Ukraine.