Few SEO Tasks You Must Need to Avoid 2021

SEO has been improved a lot. Google updates their algorithm hundreds of times in a year. Now a days it’s so hard to do SEO for our own website. Most of peoples are hiring workers to do their SEO work and save time. It’s all because of black hat workers, spammers and etc. They worked something bad that Google always hate. That’s why Google became strict and will be more in future. When Google updates their algorithms, so many people lost websites, blogs because they got banned from search engines only for spamming. Also, they’ve made some mistakes in SEO, did something wrong without knowing how to optimize their websites.

So, in this post I’m going to show you what types of SEO task you must need to avoid to make your blog or sites safe. If you can’t avoid these, your website will be at risk. So let’s start.

Same Anchor Text:

Every webmaster’s and blog owners want to rank their keyword in Google’s top page. For this, most of people keep working to increase their backlinks. Also, people mistake in here, what’s that? Most of workers use same anchor text everywhere to get backlinks. When Google checks your site’s backlinks and see all anchor text is same. They will look those backlinks like spam and your site will be in danger.

So in this case, you may use different anchor text when building backlinks. You can use phrases, synonyms to your main keyword and use those for anchor text. It well worth and give you valuable backlinks.


Concentrate only link building, not social share?

When people decided to increase backlinks for their website, everyone concentrates on link building only. Did you forget, we have social media websites to get valuable backlinks? Yes, if you use social sharing widgets in your blog post. You will get likes, shares and much more. The more people share your post, more quality backlinks you will get from social media sites.

Don’t you think social backlinks are worthy? If you think, yes, it is worth. Then don’t only concentrate with link building. Motivation in social sharing too. That will help you to increase your site visitors, and rank your blog fast.


Highlighting Your Backlinks:

As we already know, we must need to look at quality. Doesn’t matter you are link building or writing an article for your site. So, in backlinks path you must need to get quality backlinks inside of invaluable backlinks. So many people keep commenting on a blog post, forum posting, guest posting and more to get backlinks without knowing that are quality sites or no. One quality backlink is better than 100 invaluable backlinks while doing SEO. So, take it in your mind when you start link building for your site.


Using so many keywords:

When I was new in SEO & blogging journey, I’ve used so many keywords in my content and blog for getting visitors and rank in Google. But unfortunately I didn’t know, I was making a big mistake and that mistake made my site penalize. About keywords in websites, mattcutts already said some worthy speech in the video. You can see it below.


Mobile Combination:

If you check Google Analytics account and see your site details, you can see many people visit your site with their cell phone. Make your blog or website mobile combination, it will helpful for SEO and increase mobile traffic to your site.

You can see responsive templates / dudamobile.com for making your site mobile supported.


The automation software’s:

If you want to make your sites safe from Google update (Panda, Penguin). Then you must need to avoid any kinds of automation software’s that are similar with black hat SEO. If you can’t ignore it when doing SEO tasks, your blog will be in danger and also you will get penalized soon when Google updates their algorithms.

Those are more important things that you must need to avoid while doing your SEO tasks. Make your blog high rank by doing only quality work.

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