17-year-old student hacks Apple to ‘apply for jobs’

An Australian student attacked Apple’s server, creating attention and hope to be accepted by the company. During the trial on May 27, 17-year-old Adelaide pleaded guilty to cyberattack. Along with another young hacker, this teenager has twice broken into Apple’s server in 2015 and 2017. According to ABC News, Adelaide uses its knowledge to create […]

It is possible to produce oxygen on Mars in this way

This new solution could also be used to improve the current environmental pollution problem on Earth. Scientists have found a way for future Mars miners to generate oxygen on the Red planet itself. Mars is very far away from Earth, so creating air to breathe in place will save you money and effort much more […]

Facebook Scanner – Private Profile Viewer

What is Facebook Scanner? How To Use Facebook is a general social media that are widely used by people all over the world. You can upload many things into your Facebook profiles. These uploads are usually known as posts. Posts can come in the form of texts, images or videos…. Due to Facebook popularity, there […]

Hackers hold a US city hostage and demand ransom with Bitcoin

Hackers attacked Baltimore (Maryland, USA), frozen thousands of computers, turned off email … and demand ransom. According to the New York Times, on May 7, the city of Baltimore was attacked by hackers. Accordingly, hackers freeze thousands of computers, disable email, access people’s transactions including selling real estate, water bills, health … The important files […]

Tips For Free Netflix Trial Premium Account

Tips For Free Netflix Trial Premium Account

Tips For Free Netflix Trial Premium Account The currently most popular video streaming assistance is Netflix. For those looking to test, there are Netflix totally free trial offered. This Netflix trial usually go on for a month. Nevertheless, it could be extended with Netflix totally free trial three months. When this particular trial is expired, […]

100 Tips For Instagram Private Profile Viewer

100 Tips For Instagram Private Profile Viewer Instagram is a picture and video sharing social media service. Like a lot of social network service, there is going to be private instagram profiles. There’s a fews way to look at these profiles, some do not require private instagram viewer, but various other do. For instance, you […]

What strange about this unique Smartphone from North Korea?

After launching in North Korea, the smartphone APhone 9X will be available globally. According to the official Twitter of Apex, APhone 9X is currently the best smartphone in the line of APhone. Devices run A-OS, the operating system that they was proud to brag that the operating system the fastest that they’ve ever experienced. Further, […]