Building Backlinks To Your Website

Backlinks are important to build web traffic to a website. Links to a website provide a decent amount of web traffic from readers who are interested that follow through the link to a certain website to see what it is all about. If your backlink is on a website that has a lot of web traffic, and your website is similar in category, then a decent amount of readers from that website should be interested in your website. These readers will see a link to your website and check it out giving you a flow of targeted web traffic from that website. The bigger the original website with the backlink and the more similar the topic of that website is, the better and more your targeted web traffic will build to your website.

Backlinks also provide traffic to your website in a different way. In search engines, there is a complex rating formula. A backlink from a website to your website is considered a vote for your website. The more related the topic of the websites, the better. This backlink, or vote for your ranking position in search engines, is stronger if it is on a highly ranked website. If your website has a handful of backlinks on websites with high page rankings, it will in general get better positioning in the search engines than a website with a ton of backlinks on small and meaningless low ranked websites. A lot of decent backlinks to your website help with search engine ranking, but it is surely quality that beats quantity. It is best to have a good amount of links to your website on related and highly ranked websites. Your website will gradually build to a higher ranking and also be crawled by the search engines, which means the search engines will see your website’s updates more often.

Never go around spamming websites with your link everywhere. You will be disliked in the online community which is very important to help others and make connections instead of being a bothersome spammer. A lot of your links or comments will be deleted by the webmaster anyways. You will be disgracing your website and wasting your time. Find a few good websites with somewhat similar topics as your website, and add a nice comment. With your comment, add value to that website. Don’t just say a one line sentence and throw a link. Actually give feedback to the author or website. Tell them if it is good, what you liked or disliked about their article or website. Tell them what they forgot to mention. Add to the conversation. In doing this, you are adding value to their website which is what a good comment or online community is all about. When you do this and genuinely help other people, you will gain credibility and trust. When you do this all the correct way, the author or webmaster will surely not mind your link on their website because of your great comment and discussion which adds value to their conversation or website.

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